Blue Diamond Condominiums

Blue Diamond Condos will be going on sale in spring of 2016. It will be located in Imperial Plaza in the Forest Hill neighbourhood at Avenu and St. Clair. One of the best features of this exciting development is the view of the forest hill escarpment and views of the city.

Luxury will be implemented in every aspect of the Blue Diamond Condo. Ceilings will be 8’6″ high, laminated flooring, imported porcelain, soaker tubs, european style vanity cabinets, chrome finishes, designer cabinetry, 24-hour security, video cameras and more.

The development team for Blue Diamond Condos are Camros-Felcorp, Era Architects, Janet Rosenberg & Studio, Damond Schmitt Architects.

Camrost-felcorp, are a leading development team creating landmark condos and memorable residential communities and commercial properties.

Era Architects specialize in heritage conservation, urban and rural planning, and landscape and urban design. They are currently working in the Distillery District, Maple Leafe Gardens, Union Station and more.

Janet Rosenberg & Studio is a distinguished landscape architecture and urban design studio. They are recognized for a brilliant portfolio that shows work for public, commercial, institutional residential, and green roof solutions.

The last team member for Blue Diamond Condos is Diamon Schmiit Architects and full-service architectural practice. Designing buildings with a broad range of styles for cultural, civic, academic, healthcare, residential and commercial uses.

Now that we have met the team lets us see some projects specs for the Blue Diamond condos. The proposal is for 292 units and 28 storeys. Unit sizes range from 485 sqft to 1225 sqft. There will be a total of 8 different floor layouts. The price per square foot will be roughly $600 per sqft. Ceilings will be up 10 feet and there are condos and Townhomes. That’s the general scoop visit to stay up today on the news.

CityLights Condo by The Pemberton Group

CityLights Condo is now selling please visit to purchase a unit. The real estate sales representative is available to help you out with all your needs. Don’t delay units are going fast!

Pemberton Group has done it again with an awarding winning development coming to 99 Broadway Street. CityLights Condos will be starting in the low $200,000s, that is an amazing deal when you consider the location and the prices per square foot in neighboring communities! Now is the time to buy and if you register today you have the opportunity to gain access to pre construction incentives which include detailed pricing and floor plans which can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Prices will got up fast when the general public have access to purchase rights. Now is the time to act.

Do not over look this property because it will be one of the most sought after locations for decades to come. The neighborhood is vibrant and successful with plenty of schools, parks, community centers and a hospital all virtually within walking distance.

If you register today you will be guaranteed first access before the general public.
CityLights Condos will be awe inspiring and will take your breath away

Here is a little summary that you have to look forward to:

– This will built in 2 phases and there will be 2 towers, 34 storeys each with a 6 storey podium
– The North Tower will house 392 suites and the South Tower will house 496 suites
– A extremely good location with a Walkscore: 93/100
– A stone throw away from the Subway, TTC and LRT
– Suites will have a no wasted space floor design and will range from 414 square feet to 736 square feet
– A wide variety of suite selection that will include a 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom plus den and 2 bedrooms Units
– Plenty of head space with ceiling heights from 8’6’’
– Every 1 bedroom plus den will be equipped with 2 full Bathrooms
– State of the art amenities that will be contained in a 3 level podium
– Priced well and 90% of the suites will be priced between $200,000s-$400,000’s very affordable for the area
– Within walking distance you will have access to over 100 restaurants between 1 and 15 minutes away
– This will become the biggest transit center in the city
A multitude of new and old businesses in the area with many job prospects
An array of local entertainment options to choose from
One of the best school districts in the area and lots of public amenities

How to find good apartments on the internet for rent

With the real estate struggling to recover in Canada, more people are looking forward to renting their homes. It makes sense to live in apartment rather than living in an individual house due to enhanced security, and loads of modern amenities. There are several number of apartments cater to busy professionals and young families. However, there are a number of options to find apartments and performing a simple Internet search will help you in finding the right kind of apartment.

Decide on Kind of Apartment

Before you search for an apartment online, you need to figure out number of bedrooms and bathrooms required. Make a list of necessities that you need such as a pool, laundry facilities, and closeness to public transportation, outdoor space, and appropriate school districts. Don’t randomly start looking out for properties without finalizing your precise requirements; otherwise you’d end up wasting a lot of time and efforts in the process.

Fix Your Budget Beforehand

Determine the money that you are going to spend on rent every month. You need to include the expenses related to utilities such as electricity and water, and get the calculations right.

Starting Researching Online

Look for website that maintains listings of apartments in desired locations. Other examples are,, or Apartment Guide.

Click on the search tab and type your desired city as well as state, type number of bed rooms, square footage, bathrooms and other details. In order to narrow your searches enter all desired details.

Check local online listings

Not all the local apartments are advertised on the reputed sites. So you need to start searching on local online listings in order to get precise results. Start searching on internet with city name and phrase “apartments for rent”, or “rental followed by city name” such as “rentals Victoria BC”. You can also get list of apartments complexes in your area and also their contact info.

Make Use of Craigslist and Similar Resources

You need to start using Craigslist to find suitable apartment to rent in Victoria. It can be a very good option, even if you are looking for vacation apartment or furnished rental to rent.

Check Local Newspapers and its Online Edition

Usually, all local newspapers maintain online editions, and you can check the classified section to find property rental listings.

Browse Realtor’s Websites

Real estate agents also maintain websites that can be helpful for customers. They often maintain rentals and also listings of sales. You can check their websites and look for the rental properties, if you want to rent the apartment. is one of the best sources to find apartments in Victoria BC.

Online listings also include contact info such as phone numbers and email addresses. So, you can contact property managers with your queries.

Read Apartment Reviews

Before you choose the apartments, it is better to read the reviews online. Reviews can be one of the great sources of information. There will be positive and negative reviews.

You need to choose apartments that have more number of positive reviews. If you are choosing apartments with the help of online resources, try to make a walk through before signing the lease. You should not be responsible for any kind of damage done by your previous tenants.

Buying In The Right Neighborhood

Are you planning on moving to a new neighborhood and want to find out a little bit more about the area before buying a home there? The location of your new home is one of the most important things that you will want to consider when investing in real estate. There are many ways that you can research the area in which you want to move to, and you will want to ensure that you do this carefully.


Although you may have found your dream home, it won’t be as perfect as you imagine it if you are living in the middle of a war zone. You can find out about the neighborhood by visiting a local police station and asking them about any information about crime rates. They should be able to give you all of the information that you need, as well as referring you to a number of local websites.
Scout the area out beforehand. If possible you will want to visit the district several times in advance at different times of the day. This is a great way to get a feel for the place and make sure it is somewhere that you would want to live. Talking to some of the residents is another good way of finding out more about the area. Ask them questions and see what their thoughts are. Nothing is quite as good as an insider’s point of view and they may also be able to give you some advice.
Finding the right location for your new home is very important, and you will be happy that you looked into it before buying. It could change your life and lead to a happy and enjoyable future.

Tempted To Buy A Foreclosed Home?

Have you been tempted to buy a foreclosed home? Have you been looking at the prices of homes up for foreclosure in your area but are not quite sure how to find out more about them? There are three main ways in which you can buy a foreclosed home, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. You will need to look into the procedure carefully and decide which is the best way for you.

Buying a foreclosed home can be a great way to get a very good deal and make a smart future investment. There are however some risks involved which you need to be aware of. You may be able to negotiate directly with the homeowner before they lose the power of their property. This can work out beneficial to both you and the seller as you come up with a deal that works for both of you. If a seller is up for foreclosure, they are generally willing to sell their house for what they still owe, and you may be able to get a real bargain. Buying directly from a seller will enable you to get a home inspection done, as well as apply for a mortgage as in a normal sale.

When a home has gone up for foreclosure, it will typically be sold at auction. Properties are sold as they are, and you will be unable to get an inspection done on it. Although you may be able to buy a property for a fraction of its price, it can also be risky as you do not know the state of the house that you are buying. Another downside is that you will already to need to have the money handy, as many auctions require that you pay for the property in full weeks after buying it.

It is also possible to buy a foreclosed property directly from the bank, which may work out better for you. These are also typically sold as is, although they are also relatively cheap. Many banks are selling off foreclosed homes for a low price in order to make their money back which they may have lost on the property. Each way of buying a foreclosed home has certain elements of risk that you need to be prepared for. Doing it properly may enable you to get the home of your dreams for a fraction of its value.

Re-Mortgaging Your Home?

Are you thinking about re-mortgaging your home? Re-mortgaging is when you switch your outstanding mortgage to another deal, and this can be done for a variety of reasons. Many people switch over because it may work out cheaper after an introductory offer expires, and others re-mortgage to free up some of their equity.


There are many different types of re-mortgage, and each one may suit different circumstances. A fixed rate re-mortgage is fixed at a set interest rate and can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Buyers will be protected if interest rates climb but likewise will lose out if the rates fall. Capped re-mortgages are similar in that they have a set maximum interest rate, although the rates do vary.

Flexible re-mortgages are another option, and can be good for people who may need the flexibility when repaying their loans. With a flexible re-mortgage, buyers can pay more one month and less the next and can sometimes have the option of taking a break from their re-payments if they so wish. These may not be as competitive as other options, but do offer certain advantages.

There are great deals of re-mortgaging options available on the market and they need to be looked into carefully to see which one would be the most suitable. Standard variable rate re-mortgages, tracker rates and bad credit re-mortgages are also on offer, and may also suit your individual circumstances.

Apartment Insurance

Going from renting from buying can be difficult enough without having to worry about insurance. When you make a major purchase, you should always insure it, even for things that may not happen often.

Types of Insurance

PMI – For those people who do not put 20% down on their home, you will automatically get PMI. This is Private Mortgage Insurance which protects the lender if you default on the loan.

Homeowners – This cover just about anything that  can happen to or in your property. This type of policy covers the valuable in your home from fire, theft, and often wind and hail.  The insurance also covers injuries and accidents that happen on your property if you were to be sued.  If you keep valuables in your home – like jewelry – this is where you would cover those items.  The best type of insurance policy to carry will replace all your items at what you purchased them for, not the depreciated value.

Flood Insurance – This goes above and beyond homeowners. This policy covers you from water that rises, not from rain damage. With all the recent flooding, even those people who think they are safe from major flooding should purchase this policy. If you live in an area that has never flooded, this is a cheap policy to carry.

These condos are going to be the bomb, if you are serious and ready to move to Toronto these are the condos for you.  Located in a perfect area with tons of amenities this develop will be a dream for all city folk.  Don’t forget that this development will be built in several phases, so if you don’t get a unit right away you don’t have to worry there will be another phase coming in the future.  If you are seriously interested in acquiring one of these units, please visit the link provided just below this text.

Street Car would like to introduce Riverside Square Lofts.  Please visit to register and gain access to pre-construction incentives.

Riverside Square Lofts is coming soon to queen street, Toronto seeming to be buzzing all around this project.  Buyers and investors a likely have been keeping a close eye on this project.  Projections are showing that Riverside Square Condos will sell out in the first week or two of their grand opening.  If you are interested in acquiring a suite please visit the link above.

Now a little bit about Riverside Square Condos

The project will contain a total of 4 buildings, these buildings will all have varying heights. The location of the Riverside towers have been set  away from Queen Street and Broadview Avenue to get rid of obstructing views.

Riverside Square Lofts will be be a mix of retail spaces along Queen including a daycare, cafes, restaurants, grocery store, event space and general retail space.

Overall community planning will  will include pedestrian and bike connections through and around the site and across the Don River to Corktown Common. Streetcar builder is well recognizes for putting a priority on keeping their residences connected to public spaces and believe in reaching out to the community early on to gain their input and incorporate it into the plan and design of their developments.

Riverside Square Lofts are now selling!

Riverside Square Lofts are now selling!

Cool logo eh?  Well Riverside Square Lofts are going to be an amazing addition to the local community.  Be one of the first to purchase a unit, because they are going fast and our real estate agent is having a hard time keeping up with them.  They are almost sold out, so here and fill out the registration form before it is too late.

Our Results Oriented Marketing Program

Initial Inspection: When we first meet, we will inspect your home and make any suggestions that may increase the selling price on your home. It will be your decision on how much time and money you may want to spend to increase the value of your home or decrease the amount of time that it takes to sell it. We typically look for inexpensive, high yield suggestions that are easy and affordable to implement.

Signage: Your best 24 hour a day salesperson is your front lawn sign. Once you sign the listing, we will have a sign installed on your lawn usually the next day.

Multiple Listing Service: Once your home is listed on the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS as it is commonly referred to as, your home can be viewed by every Realtor in the country.

World Wide Web: Your home will automatically be posted on the world wide web through MLS.CA which is the Canadian Real Estate Associations web site. It usually takes a few days to be uploaded from the local real estate board to CREA’s web site. Information such as a photo, price, description, and general location will appear there.

My Web Site: Your listing will appear on our web sites and various real estate portals that we am associated with to maximize your exposure. Our web site is set up as an information service so that potential purchasers will return often when they are buying a home.

Feature Sheets: We will prepare colour feature sheets that highlight the features of your home and the amenities of the area. These will be left with you so that potential purchasers can pick them up when they come to view your home. Feature sheets help prospective purchasers remember your home and the reasons why they should buy it.

Maximum Advertising: Your listing will appear in various local daily newspapers, local real estate buyers guides as necessary to give your home the proper exposure.

Neighbourhood Flyers: We circulate “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” notices to the residents in your area so that they can refer friends or relatives that they know are considering making a move to the area.

Keeping you informed: We will call you with any information on your home, or developments in your area that may affect your property on a regular basis. You are encouraged to call at any time if you need any information or if questions arise during the process.

Telemarketing Service: We will call potential purchasers in your area from our database of buyers. Each agent in our office will be notified the day that your home is listed so that they can bring any of their customers in.

Public Open Houses: We will discuss with you and decide whether you want your home featured as a Sunday Open House and if so, we will set a mutually agreeable time table to showcase your home.

Agents Open Houses: Depending on the area, Agent’s Open Houses can be a very effective way to allow other Realtors to preview your home. If they know of a customer that is looking for this type of home, they will then set up an appointment for a showing.

Why should I enter into a Buyer agency agreement?

A buyer agent is a Realtor that you hire to represent your interests and yours alone when buying a property. The buyer agent will try to get you the best deal on any property at the lowest price or with the best terms to suit you.

Although the commission is usually paid by the Vendor, the buyer’s agent’s duty of representation is to you, the buyer. The buyer agent will report any and all information to you the will assist you in the purchase of your next property. The listing agent represents only the Vendor, although he has a duty to you to be honest, fair and ethical.

The buyer agent must point out any defects in the property that he knows of and he/she should investigate to see if there are any latent defects so that he can protect your interests.

You must sign a buyer agency agreement prior to submitting an offer. We will give you a WRITTEN PERFORMANCE GUARNTEE that if you are not satisfied with our services that we will let you out of the contract if we can not correct the problem within 10 days.

This performance guarantee is critical, because without it, you are bound to your Realtor for the entire term of your agreement, even if he/she refuses to return your calls, or does not show you any properties that match the profile that you have provided.

Many Realtors will not work with clients unless the client signs the Buyer Agency forms, and we suggest that no buyers should sign unless they receive a WRITTEN PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE that clearly states what is expected of the Realtor, and that there is a mechanism to terminate the Agency if the Realtor fails to live up to his/her side of the agreement.